Why do we use mineral glass for lenses?

Mineral glass is the finest material in the world for lenses, which is why scientific instruments, space vehicles, computers and smartphones, all use glass. The majority of sunglasses are produced using polycarbonate (plastic) lenses because they have to meet an economic price point in the mainstream marketplace. For those who want a quality product, it has to be glass.

Is glass much heavier than polycarbonate (plastic)?

It is true that glass is not as light as polycarbonate, but with modern processes and toughening treatments, glass lenses are thinner and much lighter than they used to be. Weight is rarely an issue.

Are glass lenses less safe than plastic lenses if involved in a serious impact?

No, if an impact was so severe that it caused a serious injury, it would not make much difference if they were glass or plastic.

How do I choose between glass and plastic lenses?

It's a simple choice. If you don’t want to spend much on sunglasses - choose plastic. If you want the finest quality and protection – it has to be glass.

If my sunglasses get damaged, can I get them repaired?

Absolutely. We keep a large range of spares in stock, including lenses, and will despatch any part by return. Don't forget we give a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects.


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We give a lifetime guarantee that covers all of our sunglasses against any manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not extend to damage that is caused from misuse or neglect.


If you find cause to return your sunglasses, you must contact us in the first instant to obtain authorisation by contacting our Customer Service Department on +44 (0) 1273 464777 or Email: support@reicca.com.

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